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The theme and title of this creative endeavor is "Dragon-flying Lessons" for a variety of intentions...

So, understanding the flight patterns of dragonflies will enable you to relate to the multiple directions i traveled on in these drawings, i.e., dragonflies fly equally fast forwards, backwards, and sideways and can do that upside down as well. The Results = YOU will see, feel, and experience multiple and unique drawings in my exhibit. There are drawings that took 70+ hours of effort on one end of the spectrum, and there is even one drawing that took 12 minutes. And, the techniques range from professionally competent to almost an anti-technical level of professional of expression = once again, a range of possibilities. In addition to my primary emphasis on graphite pencils there are multiple mediums utilized = dry pastels, colored pencils, stickers, and ink stamps for developing images; plus the endless variety of format choices [compositions].

Further, i chose 9 themes to work with creatively, and without looking at previously drawings, expressed that concept/theme = each theme was drawn 9 different ways. An interesting challenge, ie, not to repeat myself visually, but to use the core concept in different ways expressively.

Enjoy the journey with me, and others. Your interpretations as as equally valid as my intentions and results!!! As for me, my intentions were to evoke seeing-patterns, new, unique, or familiar thought-patterns. Hopefully you can be engage in these experiences of CIRCLES sacred, the livinglovingliving is a feedback loop most certainly!!!

— vyana slattery
artist, writer, poet, sculptor, mentor
Professor of Design, Kendall College of Art and Design of FSU

The 99 drawings in this Gallery represent work done during 2016 while on Sabbatical Leave from my professorship.

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