Ceremonial staffs — also called pow wow staffs, talking sticks, or spirit sticks — have been present in Indigenous practices throughout the world. Native American and Celtic cultures, specifically, used these ceremonial staffs for the archetypal energies represented and expressed.

The stick is held to talk and then passed to another... it can be used in a group or alone. Either way, when in possession of the staff, you are to listen.

Instructions for use

[1] Each staff resonates with the energies of the wisdom-keeper or the person gifted to… each staff has a name/title that reflects your name and personality. 

[2] It is best to activate this ceremonial tool in which YOU best see fit. Frequent or occasional use will maintain the energetic qualities that you are seeking.

[3] When not in use, it is best to wrap the staff in the colored cotton cloth provided, however, this is not mandatory.

[4] Seven generations back are healed and severn generations forward are inspired into contemplative, healing, and peaceful ways. In this way all others become related to you… mitakuye oyasin = “all my relations.”

[5] Lastly, your staff has to be passed on to a blood relative or someone of your choosing of a kind nature who will enhance its effectiveness.


Request a staff

Vyana is now accepting limited commissions for handcrafted Ceremonial Staffs. Each staff is completely custom made for the person it is gifted to. They are imbued with sacred energy to resonate with the individual's own energy. To submit a request, please fill out the form below.

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